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Cold Stone University

Do you know the secret to starting and running an incredibly profitable franchise? Or are you aware of the common problems that most franchisees face when getting their empires off the ground?

You would if you went to Cold Stone University.

What is Cold Stone University? It’s the world-class training program that the Cold Stone franchise offers to its franchisees. Many people get the opportunity to own or start businesses. Very few get the opportunity to be shown – from A to Z – how to run those businesses.

This kind of training could make all the difference between success and failure, especially for first-time franchisees. While running your own franchise – even something as simple as an ice cream shop – may look easy from the outside, once you’re the one under the gun making the decisions, it can be incredibly stressful.

Even worse, the wrong mistake at an inopportune time could sink your entire business, leaving you swimming in debt.

If you go to Cold Stone University, however, you get a complete education in business ownership, from people who have been there first and succeeded wildly.

At “the U,” which is at the company’s headquarters in Scottsdale, you’ll be shown how to handle every aspect of your new business. Everything is covered, from learning how to make the super premium product to learning how to hire, manage, and motivate your employees.

Imagine the difference this could make for your bottom line. No learning through costly trial-and-error. You can be saved the pain and embarrassment of making common mistakes, since your professors will show you exactly how to sidestep them.

This training is worth a fortune, and that’s just in the money you’d save by avoiding mistakes. It does more than that, however. It shows you how to get the upper hand on your competition, so that you can set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace.

Do you know the ins and outs of modern-day advertising? Can you create a sure-fire winning ad from scratch, all while managing a bustling store? Chances are, you can’t – it’s virtually impossible. With Cold Stone University, you don’t have to – they have ad co-ops that provide you with effective advertising, and it’s all included in your franchise costs.

Imagine that – a university where they take the tests for you!

For many franchisees, this kind of training has been their “secret weapon” for getting ahead of the game – and fast. It’s given them the opportunity to start out much further along than if they’d just tried to forge ahead on their own, and as a result they own shops that are more likely to stick around for years to come.

If you’re looking to start your own business, perhaps the best place to start is by going back to school. At Cold Stone University, class is always in session.


Cold Stone Creamery® Franchise Cost

There are many factors to consider when you’re thinking about getting into franchise ownership. Most business owners naturally consider location, popularity, and brand recognition, but there’s another factor that may be the biggest reason for your success or failure.

That factor is the cost of ownership. Many franchisees, blinded by the potential profits they see in their future, fail to consider the costs they’ll incur along the way. As a result, they find themselves in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of, and the end result is a closed store (or worse, a successful store with the dreaded “Under New Management” sign out front).

The first thing you need to consider is the startup costs involved. This is money that will be coming out of your pocket long before you ever see a dime coming back in. For many fast food franchises, these costs can be extremely high – over a million dollars in some cases.

When you’re paying that much out of the gate, your margin for error becomes dangerously thin. Make even the smallest mistake – pick the wrong location, choose the wrong advertising, hire the wrong manager – and you could soon find yourself trapped under a mountain of debt.

The next thing you need to consider is what exactly you’re getting for your money. If all you get for your hundreds of thousands of dollars is a sign and boxes of inventory, you’ll be hard-pressed to make it work. Sadly, this is exactly the experience many franchisees have.

With Cold Stone, you’re paying for more than the name. You’re also getting world-class support and training from the corporate office, so that you’re set up to succeed from Day One. This means you get to have an experienced franchise support team explain to you what to expect.

This support is worth a fortune in and of itself. It’s one thing to be handed the keys to a successful brand like Cold Stone. It’s quite another to be shown how to succeed. This training makes the Cold Stone Creamery franchise cost look like a bargain compared to what you get from other chains.

If you’re thinking about opening your own franchise, it’s essential that you do your homework and find one that will work with you to maximize your chances of success. A little extra homework in the beginning could make all the difference between being a successful business owner or being mired in debt.

Chances are, your research will lead you to consider franchises like Cold Stone. The low Cold Stone Creamery franchise cost – and the incredible value you’ll get in return – make this a popular choice for both experienced and novice franchisees alike.


Cold Stone Headquarters

A great franchising opportunity starts at the corporate office, and you won’t find one better than Cold Stone headquarters.

Situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone headquarters prides itself on giving its franchisees unbeatable support. The corporation was started by two small business owners, so they understand the difficulties and potential pitfalls that franchisees (especially novices) face.

The corporate offices are the first step on your journey to becoming a successful business owner. Cold Stone offers new franchisees training in Scottsdale, where you’ll learn first-hand all the tricks to being a superstar.

The importance of this training can’t be overstated. Any business has its unique challenges, and owning a Cold Stone franchise is no different. What better way to get ahead of the game than by learning from the people who were there before you?

Indeed, given the company’s exceptional growth in the last 20 years, new business owners would do well to heed their advice. What started as just a single mom-and-pop ice cream shop in 1988 has since blossomed into a worldwide chain, with over 1,300 stores worldwide.

Part of the reason for this growth, of course, is the quality of the ice cream. Cold Stone has managed to retain the exceptional flavor of traditional ice cream, while making it softer and easier to eat.

One of the main reasons why Cold Stone ice cream is so popular is the granite slab (the titular “cold stone”) that the ice cream is mixed on. Employees scoop out your flavor, set it on the granite and mix it with mix-ins of your choice. This makes for virtually endless flavor combinations and a dessert experience that’s second to none.

Of course, many business owners will tell you that it takes more than an exceptional product to succeed. That’s where Cold Stone headquarters comes in: they give you every opportunity to prosper, with advertising co-ops, a toll-free hotline for questions and a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the secrets you need to stay on top.

This is in stark contrast to other fast food franchises, which tend to give you a “business in a box” and leave you to your own devices. If you happen to be an experienced franchisee, this may be fine; however, many first-timers fail because they didn’t have a knowledgeable hand to guide them.

When you compare that experience to what you get as a Cold Stone franchisee, it’s easy to see why this ice cream shop is a popular choice among business owners. Any franchise’s chances of success rise exponentially when they have the support of a corporate office that is as invested in their business as they are. At Cold Stone headquarters, you have an important ally that’s never more than a phone call away.

If you’re thinking about getting into the franchise game, it’s important to find one that will set you up with your future in mind. With Cold Stone Creamery®, you get more than just a brand; you get a partner that’s always there when you need it most.