Cold Stone Franchise Expectations

Since 1988, Cold Stone Creamery has been providing delicious cool treats to the world. If you have been looking for a franchise opportunity, you can definitely benefit from choosing Cold Stone Creamery. If you happen to be first-time franchise owner, you may be wondering what you can expect by becoming part of a brand that already has instant name recognition. Franchise ownership, in general, is less risky than starting an entirely new business from scratch. Still, it helps to know what you can expect from being the owner of a Cold Stone Creamery franchise.

Multiple Location Possibilities

Cold Stone Creamery stores can be found in more than a thousand locations throughout the United States and in 30 international markets. Even so, there are still plenty of places where customers don’t have convenient access to Cold Stone’s delicious frozen treats and premium ice cream. However, your territory will not be exclusive to you. This means it’s possible for another franchisee to operate in the same area. With physical locations, options include:

  • Buying an existing Cold Stone Creamery restaurant from another franchisee
  • Converting an existing business location that previously served another purpose into a Cold Stone Creamery
  • Constructing an entirely new Cold Stone Creamery restaurant

You’ll primarily be selling ice cream treats, an assortment of frozen products made with the company’s proprietary recipes, and beverages. You can also opt to include a yogurt bar in your restaurant to sell Cold Stone’s yogurt bar products. If you choose to operate a traditional restaurant, you’ll have to offer the full menu of items normally available at such locations. You can also opt to run a non-traditional restaurant with limited menu items.

Reasonable Investment Costs

Cold Stone Creamery franchise fees are reasonable and in line with what’s typical with other franchise businesses. Total investment costs range from around $50,000 to just under $470,000. The liquid cash requirement is $100,000, and the net worth requirement is $250,000. According to data reported by Franchise Business Review, more than half of all food-related franchises earn profits of $50,000 or less. Nearly 10 percent of the franchises of this nature, however, bring in $200,000 or more in profits.

Financing Options

Concerned you may not have the initial funds to purchase a franchise? Cold Stone Creamery offers financing options. The company has relationships with various third-party lenders. Many of these lenders offer financing to cover start-up costs, initial and ongoing franchise fees, and equipment purchases. Cold Stone also offers a 20% discount on its franchise fees for veterans.

Franchise Owner Training

It’s perfectly fine not have to any franchise ownership experience when deciding to invest in a Cold Stone Creamery franchise. This is why the company offers access to a training program for franchisees. The company offers a comprehensive training platform that includes approximately 80 hours of training in operating stores. You’ll also have 40 hours of classroom training.
For the classroom part of the training, you’ll need to go to KTEC, which is located within the company’s corporate facilities in Scottsdale, AZ. Participation in the training program is mandatory. Your on-the-job training will take place at a Cold Stone Creamery location within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Training includes learning:

  • Daily management techniques
  • Crew/staff management
  • How to manage inventory

The company also provides franchise owners with ongoing support. This support continues for as long as you continue to run your Cold Stone Creamery franchise. Marketing support to help promote your business and attract customers is provided as well. Visit Cold Stone Creamery’s website to request additional franchise information, or call (877) 948-1853.

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