Cold Stone Headquarters

A great franchising opportunity starts at the corporate office, and you won’t find one better than Cold Stone headquarters.

Situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone headquarters prides itself on giving its franchisees unbeatable support. The corporation was started by two small business owners, so they understand the difficulties and potential pitfalls that franchisees (especially novices) face.

The corporate offices are the first step on your journey to becoming a successful business owner. Cold Stone offers new franchisees training in Scottsdale, where you’ll learn first-hand all the tricks to being a superstar.

The importance of this training can’t be overstated. Any business has its unique challenges, and owning a Cold Stone franchise is no different. What better way to get ahead of the game than by learning from the people who were there before you?

Indeed, given the company’s exceptional growth in the last 20 years, new business owners would do well to heed their advice. What started as just a single mom-and-pop ice cream shop in 1988 has since blossomed into a worldwide chain, with over 1,300 stores worldwide.

Part of the reason for this growth, of course, is the quality of the ice cream. Cold Stone has managed to retain the exceptional flavor of traditional ice cream, while making it softer and easier to eat.

One of the main reasons why Cold Stone ice cream is so popular is the granite slab (the titular “cold stone”) that the ice cream is mixed on. Employees scoop out your flavor, set it on the granite and mix it with mix-ins of your choice. This makes for virtually endless flavor combinations and a dessert experience that’s second to none.

Of course, many business owners will tell you that it takes more than an exceptional product to succeed. That’s where Cold Stone headquarters comes in: they give you every opportunity to prosper, with advertising co-ops, a toll-free hotline for questions and a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the secrets you need to stay on top.

This is in stark contrast to other fast food franchises, which tend to give you a “business in a box” and leave you to your own devices. If you happen to be an experienced franchisee, this may be fine; however, many first-timers fail because they didn’t have a knowledgeable hand to guide them.

When you compare that experience to what you get as a Cold Stone franchisee, it’s easy to see why this ice cream shop is a popular choice among business owners. Any franchise’s chances of success rise exponentially when they have the support of a corporate office that is as invested in their business as they are. At Cold Stone headquarters, you have an important ally that’s never more than a phone call away.

If you’re thinking about getting into the franchise game, it’s important to find one that will set you up with your future in mind. With Cold Stone Creamery®, you get more than just a brand; you get a partner that’s always there when you need it most.


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